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The Church at Southland is collecting items for our missionary Todd Pastor Caplinger to be distributed to The House of Worship Ministries mountain church in the Philippines. Would you please consider donating items, time or money to help those who Pastor Todd and his team faithfully serve in the remote mountains of Negros Occidental in the Philippines.


Items being collected are:

Flip-flops (all sizes)

Used sweaters (children/small adults)

Used jackets (children/small adults)

Used shoes (children/small adults)

Knit hats (adult/children)

Toothbrushes (for childrens' gift bags)

Toothpaste (for childrens' gift bags)

Wash cloths (for childrens' gift bags)

Bar soap (for childrens' gift bags)

Nail clippers (for childrens' gift bags)

Combs (for childrens' gift bags)

Brushes (for childrens' gift bags)

Hair clips for children (for childrens' gift bags)

Anti-bacterial ointments

Pain reliever/fever reducer


Hydrocortisone cream

Vitamins (children)

Vitamins (adult)

Seeds for vegetables and flowers (they grow the

vegetables for food and the plants to sell as a


Make-up (eye shadow/blush/powder foundation/

liquid foundation/brushes/sponge for face powder/

spray net/mousse/lipstick) for Christmas outreach

presentation and Guapo/Guapa Day)




Construction paper

Coloring books

Used Christian books

Sunday school materials

Children's books

Marbles (for boys' gift bags)

For the Missionary:

Coffee (Folgers dark)

Size 11 mens running shoes (New Balance Stability)

Size 8 womens (Adidas running)

Pork and beans

BBQ sauce

For Women's' Livelihood Project/Program:

Baking molds

Long tongs (to retrieve baking items from brick oven)

Mixing bowl

Small knife to slice the cheese

Ube powder or ube flavoring

Peanut butter

Baking gloves thick

Surgical gloves medium

Small weighing scale for baking

Brown paper bags (for the packaging)

Twisting ribbons (for the packaging)

We will be collecting items for the next several weeks on Sunday mornings at 10:30am in the Underground at 17101 71st Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477. If you would like to help in any way or have any questions, please FB/Messenger or email me at:

Thank you for your help in bringing the love of Jesus not only in word but in deed.


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