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CIA Ministry
(Compassion in Action)

Compassion in Action is The Church @ Southland’s newest Ministry.

Our goal is to serve the members of the Church and their families when we receive word that someone has been taken to an Emergency Room or is ill at home by:

• Providing often forgotten needed items such as phone chargers and other incidentals.
• Praying with and/or for the sick or injured, the treating medical staff and all those affected.
• Providing assistance to the family of the sick or injured person by offering to provide transportation, making phone calls, etc.
• Being the eyes and ears for Pastor Jamie by representing him at the bedside and passing on prayer requests, condition details and medical updates so that he can focus on getting the word out to the other members of Southland so we can pray corporately on behalf of the sick or injured while Pastor attends to other duties.
• Showing the love of God and of our Southland family for those He has called us to serve.

We hope to be able to bless as many people as we can while serving God and each other in love and fellowship~

In CIA Ministry we are hoping to collect the following items with donations by Southland’s faithful and through a fundraising event in the near future. Anyone wishing to donate Dollar Tree, Five Below, Walgreens, etc. gift cards to enable us to purchase these items is welcome to do so. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Needed supplies:
Gift bags (large & small plain brown paper w/handles)
Universal Phone chargers
Wall outlet plug/USB port
Small notebooks and pens
Crossword/Word Search books 
Cards – Old Maid, Go Fish, etc.
Hand Sanitizer 
Small flashlights or nightlights
Herbal Tea bags
Lip balm 
Throat Drops
Small blankets 
Small snacks
Juice boxes/bottles
Sugar free breath mints
Children’s Biblical coloring books 
Small jigsaw puzzles
Small bottle of bubbles
Stuffed animals

There are other items that we can add if needed: lotion, Puffs Plus tissues with lotion, socks, nail clippers, adult coloring books/colored pencils, inspirational books/Scripture, etc.

Thank you in advance for supporting our Ministry~

Heather Bergquist

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