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"Chain Breakers"

(a new home group starting soon!)

There is no doubt that we all have something we would like to change. Whether it's habits, behaviors, smoking, procrastination, weight, personal discipline, or a myriad of other things, the truth is change is hard and we don't have much success with it.

Did you ever wonder why millions of people throw billions and billions of dollars at companies that actually advertise their successes as "RESULTS NOT TYPICAL"? Think about it, "results not typical" means that on their absolute best day, 51% of those who try, fail! Did you ever wonder to yourself about the desperation people have, that we are willing to spend our hard-earned money at something ADVERTISED NOT TO WORK? Did you ever think about people who are so desperate for change, that they are like a drowning man who will grab at an anchor for the lack of a life jacket?

So why does change seem so impossible...? Well the simple answer is, we as humans are programmed to avoid change at all cost. It's not any more complicated than that, I assure you. But I also promise you that actual change can be achieved. That is of course, if you know how our minds work. And the best news is, regardless of what you want to change, the anatomy of change is consistent, universal, and contains no blurred lines. Change is change......whether you want to stop smoking, drop a few pounds, stop procrastinating, improve your marriage, or anything else.

I will be hosting a home group on the topic of "change". I've designed this group to target two major topics. First, to understand how our minds work and why we inherently have a strong desire to not change. And the second, and I think most importantly, is to discuss God's word; and what He says about our minds and change. Understanding these two things, along with lively discussion and exercises that will illustrate change, will provide you the tools for your best chance at achieving your goals.

At this time of year, when so many people are knee-deep in either the low tide or high tide of their New Year's Resolutions, wouldn't it be nice to know why you failed or succeeded? Wouldn't it be a benefit to know why you may have only had short-term success, when deep down in your heart you wanted it to last? And most importantly, wouldn't it be a benefit to know how to create permanent, real change in your lives by understanding your relationship with the behavioral patterns and personal belief systems established in your lives long ago, that you don't even know exist?

What I hope to accomplish with this home group is to provide information on how we learn, how what we learn becomes our default settings, and how to recognize and acknowledge associations and identifications each of us has that drive our behaviors; which limit our chance at actual change. But what I believe to be the best parts of this group, will be the eye opening exercises that illustrates all facets of change, and the ever present wisdom of Gods word as it relates to our minds, change, and the plan he has for each of us. At some level, I hope to work with you all to "break the code".

Due to this being the initial roll out of this group, I'm going to keep it relatively small (8-10) so I can fine tune the content as we go. If this goes as I hope, it will be an ongoing group, with larger number of participants moving forward. If you are interested in joining us, send me a message with your contact info. My plan is to find a time to meet weekly that doesn't conflict with any existing group.


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